About Us


Benjamin Lancaster is the owner and Creative Director of Dog Named Spot Media. He graduated from Ball State University in 2010 from Ball State University with a Masters in Digital Storytelling. His final creative project was a feature length mockumentary entitled Finding Xanadu, which has been shown at several film festivals.

Benjamin's drive for excellence is evident in the two documentaries that he's produced for local PBS affiliate WIPB. With a passion for both traditional storytelling and new media, Ben believes that he can use his videography experience to communicate your message to the world.

Ben volunteers on Heartland Stage Company's Board of Directors, and leads a creative arts team at Commonway Church.

Naomi Addison is the Business Manager of Dog Named Spot Media. She handles the logistics and planning of the productions, attends meetings, and will be available for you throughout your process on the phone and via email; Naomi's top priory is to make sure you are satisfied with your product.

She has lots of experience corralling media people, and has overseen everything from complicated year long ventures, like Dog Name Spot Media's second feature film (currently in post production), to more simple one and two day short projects.

Her favorite production that she's ever worked on was a thirty-minute pilot for a new cooking program, shot entirely over one weekend. The show aired on WIPB in Muncie.

Spot is the mascot of the company. She's a blue Chihuahua that Ben and Naomi rescued from the St. Louis Humane Society. Spot spends most of her time sleeping under a sunny window and playing with her boyfriend, Fido.