Audition Information

Open Auditions for Charming will be held on in the near future. The audition will consist of cold readings. Please also bring 32 bars of both a ballad and a upbeat song that shows off your voice. A piano accompaniest will be provided. Email to schedule an audition time. Walkins are also accepted.


  • Tara (F, 18, Soprano) - Fairytale princess. Naive and gullible due to sheltered upbrighting, but also clever and kind.
  • Ewan (M, mid-20s, Non-singing) - Sweet, if a bit slow sometimes. Prone to dramatics. In love with Tara.
  • Fae (F, 20-80, Soprano) - Tara's Fairy Godmother. Overprotective, in an endearing way.
  • Avery (M, 20-80, Baritone) - Tara's Gnome Godfather. Forgetful and a bit on the bumbling side, but earnestly cares for Tara's well being. Often distracted by shiny objects
  • Queen (F, 35-50, Soprano) - Prim, proper, longsuffering, and a tad passive-agressive.
  • Wizard (M, 40-80, Non-singing) - Ancient, noble, with a slight pompous dignity.
  • Witch (F, 20-80, Alto) - Diva with an attitude.
  • King* (M, 35-50, Non-singing) - Domineering, loud, and chauvinistic.
  • William* (M, 20-50, Baritone/Tenor) - Remarkably like Tara's father.
  • Brother Pius* (M, 20-50, Baritone/Tenor) - Con man posing as a mendicant friar. Bombastic and a little too cunning.
  • Cedrick* (M, 20-35, Non-singing) - Foppish serial philanderer.
  • * All four of these characters may are played by the same person.

In addition, a chorus of Townspeople, Tavern Wenches, Dwarves, Elves, and Evil Minions.

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