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The job-hunting process is not going well for Elysia Miller (Jenna Bowers). A down on her luck recent college graduate, Elysia lives in the small Indiana town of Abbadon with her roommate Cassie (Abby White), whose temp job winds up paying most of their bills. Elysia is left trying to figure out her place in the world.

Like many small towns, though, Abbadon, Indiana has some secrets. After a chance meeting, a mysterious stranger (Josh Baker) presents Elysia with an alluring offer. She's invited to join a secret organization that protects Abbadon's residents from things they long ago assumed didn't exist, the dragons, the demons, the fairies, the ghosts and the occult. Suddenly, Elysia's degree in world mythology has gone from the abstract study of ideas to the practical reality she lives in.

Things are going on in Abbadon that no one really understands: murders and kidnappings that the police can't explain. Even Greg, the stranger who recruited Elysia into the organization, is baffled. Unprecedented and bloody dragon attacks have been reported all across the county, despite the fact that there hasn't been a sighting in Abbadon for a hundred years.

Someone close to the organization is behind this, and most of the members seem to have skeletons in their closets. Ambrose, (Eric T. Schroeder) Greg's number two guy, is a backwards living wizard who can't seems to remember who's responsible for the kidnappings. Franklin (Ben Rockey) is a nine inch tall pixie who hates humans and has friends on multiple sides of the law. Even Greg has secrets of his own, despite the budding attraction between him and Elysia.

As the plot unfolds, Elysia discovers that Abaddon has a dark secret - and one of the members of the organization is behind it.